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Johor, formerly addressed as Johore happens to be one of the popular states of Malaysia which is located in the couth of the Malay Peninsula. The land borders of Johor are with the states Pahang towards the north as well as Malacca and Negeri Sembilan towards the northwest. The state shares its maritime borders with Singapore towards the south as well as Indonesia towards east and west. The capital city of Johor is Johor Bahru which is also considered as the major economic center of the state. Kota Iskandar is considered to be the seat of the state government, whereas Muar happens to be the royal town of the state.

The state has highly diverse tropical rainforests as well as an equatorial climate. The mountain ranges of the state form a part of the Titiwangsa Range which is also a part of the larger and mighty Tenasserim Range that is further connected to Thailand and Myanmar having the Mount Ophir as the highest point in the state.

In its very early days, Johor was also addressed as ‘Ujong Tanah’ which means the end of the land. The present name of the state is an adaption of the Arabic word ‘Jauhar’ the meaning of which is jewel or a precious stone. The capital city of Johor, Johor Bahru is considered to be a busy cosmopolitan city which also happens to be a gateway to Singapore through Causeway. There are eight main districts within the states namely Muar, Johor Bahru, Batu Pahat, Kota Tinggi, Kluang Mersin, Segamat as well as Pontian.

History of the state

The state was founded in the year 1500s by the heir of Sultan Mahmud Shah, Sultan Ahmad Shah. After it the state fell into the rule of Portuguese. The empire of Johor was then under the control of the Bugis of Celebes and Minangkabaus of Sumatra in the 18th century. Soon during their rule, the British intervened into the affair of the state and the control of the state was given to Daing Ibrahim who took the title of Sultan. His son, Sultan Abu Bakar then prospered the state and developed it into constitution and established a great administration within the state.

For his efforts, Johor became the only state of Malaysia that was not under the complete rule and control of the British right up till it’s Independence Day. The state is full of cultural heritage and also embraces beautiful gazetted rainforests. The overall history of Johor is very appealing, in the eyes of both the locals as well as tourists.

Legoland Johor

Economy of the state

The major economy of the state is dominated by the activities such as manufacturing, agriculture and commerce. At the same time, the tourism of Johor also contributes to the overall economy of the state. Johor is also considered to be the main producer of rubber, palm oil, pineapple and banana within the state. A great number of industrial estates manufacturing electronic components, furniture, electrical appliances, textiles as well as petrochemical products can be spotted near Johor Bahru and other major towns of the state.

Geographic and climatic conditions of the state

The state possesses a total area of 19,102 square kilometers respectively and the same is surrounded by the South China Sea towards the east, the Straits of Johor towards the south as well as the straits of Malacca towards the west. There is a total coastline of 400 kilometers along with a majority of its coastline on to the west coast. This particular region is highly covered with the nipah and mangrove forests. On the very contrary, the east coast of the state is ruled by the sand beaches as well as rocky headlands. The southern coast of the state comprises of alternating headlands and bays. The western part of the state has various peatlands.

Talking about the climatic conditions of the state, Johor happens to be a tropical state having a relatively stable temperature that ranges in between 26-27 degree Celsius throughout the year. The months from January to Aril are very dry and warm, however, humidity in the lowlands remains a constant. The state also encounters its wettest months from December to May respectively.

Coast Of Johor Bahru

A state famous for its cuisines

Johor is a popular state because of a number of reasons and the delicious cuisines of the state happen to be one of them. The cuisine in Johor is mainly influenced by Javanese, Arab, Malay, Buginese, Chinese as well as Indian cultures. The notable dishes within the state include a long list – asam pedas, cheese murtabak, cathay laksa, Johar kahasa, mee bandung, mee rebus, Muar Satay, wonton noodle, pineapple pajeri, bee hoon, telur pindang, otak-otak and many other Malay dishes. The state is popular for serving delectable desserts as well. The popular desserts of Johor include kacang pool, burasak, and various other snacks such as banana cake, toasted buns, etc.

There are a number of restaurants where the guests can enjoy a series of foreign food such as Filipino food, Japanese food, Indonesian food, Korean food, Vietnamese food, etc. The drinks served too are a treat to your taste-buds.


The tourism sector of the state is considered to be a great contributor to the total economy of the state and this sector is surely a power player. A number of tourist attractions are well-maintained within the state which serve as a paradise for all the tourists who visit the state to spend a time of relaxation. The state has its authentic Malaysian culture which surely attracts a majority of tourists towards it.

The top attractions that any tourist would find within the state of Johor are the beautiful and pristine white-sand island of the Seribuat Archipelago. This is the same place where the tourists get to involve themselves in a number of adventurous activities – diving happens to be one of them. The beautiful beaches of Johor surely give a time of relaxation to all its tourists and travelers. Apart from it, the visitors can also explore various old buildings, museums as well as cosmopolitan areas of the state to entertain themselves.