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Jubakar Kelantan

Kelantan, the state of Malaysia is referred to as the ‘cradle of Malay culture’. This state is mostly known for entertaining an overwhelming population of the Malays as there are 93 percent of Malays living here. The population of the remaining 7 percent include the Indians, Chinese and Thai. The people of Kelantan are said to have preserved their traditions, customs and cultures over the years. Some of the most cherishing memories that are carried out by the locals here include flying big kites and playing a game of spinning tops.

The state marked its origin from the very ascension of Long Yunus, a Thai prince to his throne. After this, the state went through various British and Thai influences before they became a part of Malaysia in the year 1957. The name ‘Kelantan’ means land of lightning and the instances of various thunderstorms rocking the state clearly justify the name given to the state.

The major economy of this state is based on agriculture activities which mean the agriculture of rubber, rice and tobacco.  The state is also very popular for their handicrafts which mainly include a silky garment called Batik. At the same time, Kelantan is more than popular for its tourism and tourism industry is growing here at a fast pace. A number of tourists mark their presence every year to explore and experience the culture that this place offers.

Source of economy

The economy of the state is majorly influenced by the farming of the crops like rubber, paddy and tobacco as they happen to be the main cash crops. Apart from agriculture, fishing and livestock-rearing are considered to be another occupations which bring more income into the state. Other economic activities that the state carries out include cottage industries of batik painting, songket weaving and woodcarving. Tourism also generates a lot of income in the state.

A home to delectable cuisines

The food culture of Kelantan is unique and a number of delicious dishes are being presented both to the locals as well as tourists. The dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, Ayam Percik, Nasi Dagang are very famous here. Ayam Percik is considered to be the favorite of both the locals as well as tourists. Other dishes served by the state are mainly cooked in rice and are served with coconut milk. A variety of sauces and herbs are used to cook these meals and to turn them all the more delicious.

The restaurants and food stalls serve a variety of delicious snacks. Thus, all the connoisseurs end up having a good time within the state by enjoying some of the most delectable meals and desserts.

Climatic conditions

The state of Kelantan is surrounded by lush green forests which means that the climate of the state is tropical monsoon. At the same time, a stable temperature is maintain throughout the year. The state also experiences rainfalls in between the months of November and January.

Because of all these reasons, Kelantan is surely considered as a major tourist attraction for all kinds of tourists.