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Perak is a Malaysian state which is situated on the west coast of the Malay Peninsula. The capital city of Perak is Ipoh. Perak is considered to be the fourth largest state out of the thirteen states in Malaysia after Sarawak, Sabah and Pahang. The state has a lot to offer both to the locals as well as tourists. There are a number of tourist destinations of the moderate interest located within the state. The capital city itself is very famous among the tourists – thanks to its offering for the great food.

Also coined as a Land of Graze, this state is a land which is prized by a beautifully natural tropical vibes and has a rich history and culture on its sleeves. If we track back to the years of the British colonial period, Perak was forged particularly by rubber tree plantations and tin mining. The remains of those era can still be seen and experienced today along with the rich historical values that the state embraces.

Today, this state has turned into a charming state that encourages bustling of the vibrant people and always welcomes an exchange of warm and sweet gestures because of its tourism industry which is very much in demand. A number of visitors and tourists plan to visit this beautiful state that has a rustic charm of old architecture and colonial buildings preserved for tourism display along with the natural and the scenic views that the state has to offer.

The natural beauty of Perak comes from its clean and white sandy beaches as well as amazing underwater treasure – which makes it an exciting place for all the adventure junkies. Furthermore, there are beautiful caves which date back thousands of years as well as a natural rainforest which is even older – dating back millions of years from today.

Perak is also considered to be a good starting point to explore the beautiful Cameron Highlands as well as all its breezy hill stations where one can spend his day hiking around and slathering cream on to the scones.

A treat for nature lovers

The clean and green environment of Perak remains its major attraction for the tourists. The natural places are well managed by the authorities to restore their respective conservation values. The beautiful and picturesque landscapes of the rainforests and the wilderness are something that soothe and allure the tourists at large. The beaches, the rainforests, the scenic beauty and picturesque views – Perak has it all.

A blend of local and urban lifestyle

The capital city, Ipoh is considered to be one of the most popular places of the state. This place has been considered as the 6th best place to visit in Asia by a popular tourism survey. What attracts tourists towards the capital city is its blend of local and urban culture altogether. This city is not just a cozy old town, but something more which suits the cosmopolitan lifestyle as well. The place serves the best food and cuisines, which is yet another reason for its popularity among the tourists.

Ipoh Town