Malaysian Explorer

Perlis, also known as Perlis Indera Kayangan is considered to be the smallest state of Malaysia. This state lies in the northern most part of west coast Peninsular Malaysia and the same embraces Songkhla and Satun provinces of Thailand on to its northern borders. The state is also bordered by the state of Kedah towards the south. Earlier, the state was addressed as Palit by the Siamese. This was when it was under the influence of the latter. The total population of the state is around 227,025 respectively.

Perlis might be the smallest state of Malaysia, however it boasts a number of elements which make it a good rival against all the bigger states of the country. The state boasts a wealth of cultural, natural as well as historical elements that make it a popular state. There are beautiful quaint villages, picturesque scenery and various centuries old cultures and traditions where you can find solace. Thus, Perlis is considered to be a perfect spot to head if you have a penchant for the old world charm rather than the hustle-bustle of the city life.

The foremost attraction of the state is its serene beauty which tends to attract the tourists towards the same. Perlis is further filled with the rustic rural scenes which is another factor, making it popular among the visitors.

Since the state is smallest state of Malaysia, it does not tend to register on to the radar of most number of travelers except it serves as a transit point to Thailand or Langkawi.

Economy of the state

The economy of Perlis is supported by the activities such as fishing, agriculture and forestry. Agriculture is a section which dominates in terms of the use of land, manpower as well as gross domestic product. The main products of agriculture and farming include paddy, sugar cane, mango, rubber, teakwood and watermelon.


The climate of the state is mostly tropical monsoon and the temperature is generally dry and warm. This happens mostly in between January and April. The humidity is usually high on to the lowlands. The state also experiences a good deal of rainfall and the wettest months encountering great rainfalls are from May to December.


Although Perlis is not on the radar of a number of tourists, the state still remains a place-to-be for some of them. There are various spots within the state which are considered to be good tourist attractions. The places such as Perlis State Park, Kuala Perlis as well as Gua Kelam happen to be the major tourist attractions of the state. This state is flanked by natural beauty and hence serve as a paradise for all the nature lovers at large. Apart from tourist attractions, the recreation activity which is most widespread among the tourists include outdoor rock climbing. This activity is practiced by a number of tourists under the inspection of the professionals. Different types of climbs are made available equally for the freshers as well as veterans to perform and experience the adventure.