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Langkawi Kedah

Kedah is a Malaysian state which forms the northern part of the West Coast of Malaysia. The state borders Thailand towards the northeast and east, the state of Perlis towards the north, the state of Penang towards the southwest as well as the state of Perak towards the south. Also nicknamed as the ‘Rice Bowl of Malaysia, this state is home to vast paddy plantation along the western plain of the state.

Like Penang, Kedah comprises of two parts – mainland Kedah that has eleven different districts as well as the island of Langkawi which is considered to be the major tourist attraction for the tourists of all rounds.

Ancient state:

Kedah is considered as the most ancient state of Malaysia and the records of existence of this state date back to the 5th century. This state served as a prosperous center for the trader in its early days, and was mostly flanked by the traders of India and China. There are a number of ruined temples and artifacts present in the state which signal towards the presence of the said cultures.

Originally, Kedah was considered to be a vassal state of the Sumatran Kingdom Srivijaya. However, after the downfall of the kingdom, the state went under the protection of the Siamese prior to being conquered by the Malaccan Sultanate in the 15th century. Later on, the state was attacked by the Portuguese and Acheh in the 17th century. The state then fell in the hands of the Thais who later handed it over to the British. Finally, by the year 1957, the state became an independent part of Malaysia.

At present, modernization has been developing at a slow pace in the state. The rural areas here have a very peaceful as well as laid-back mentality. There are beautiful fields of paddy that stretch over the horizon just like a green carpet.

Kedah happens to be one of the most leading tourist attractions of Malaysia.

Food habits:

Since Kedah is considered to be the rice bowl of Malaysia, the most staple food served here is rice. The dishes here are prepared along with a combination of several herbs, spices as well as market fresh ingredients. Apart from rice, various other dishes such as gulai nangka, sayur keladi, pekasam, etc. also serve as the regular food habits of the locals here.

The fruits like durians, mangoes as well as bananas are usually eaten by the people here. Pulut is the most popular pick for the desserts and a number of sweet dishes are prepared out of the same.

A famous tourist attraction:

Kedah happens to be a popular tourist attraction of Malaysia and a number of tourists visit the state to explore the best of tourist spots that the state has for them. The major tourist attraction of the state is the tropical island of Langkawi and all its surrounding islets. The beautiful Langkawi always remains crowded with the tourists all year round. The beaches are pristine and the waters are crystal clear. This island has everything that a tropical island would serve which surely makes it a place to be.