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Pahang is the largest state of Malaysia. This state is home to the Pahang River which is considered as the longest river in the Peninsular Malaysia. Pahang is by far considered as the most ethnically diverse state of the East Coast as it has a large majority of Malay as well as Chinese in all its cities, towns as well as rural areas. Apart from it, Pahang also has a little population of Indians as well as the aboriginals Orang Asli. To describe the state more, Pahang has the highest peak on to the peninsula, Gungung Tahan which is located within the National Park. The Taman Negara of Pahang comprises of the oldest virgin tropical rainforest.

This state of Malaysia is popular for its extended arrays of the mysterious forests, natural extremes, pristine beaches, beautiful islands as well as chilling highlands.

Home to the oldest park of Malaysia

Pahang is home to Taman Negara which is considered to be the oldest park of Malaysia, covering the oldest tropical rainforest of the world. Thus, there are a number of activities that could be performed and enjoyed within the area such as jungle trekking, treetop canopy walk, cruising through the Tembelling River, amazing wildlife discoveries, night safaris and many more.

Best place for underwater exploration

Pahang is considered to be the best place for underwater exploration. As a result, the state witnesses a huge crowd of adventure junkies who look forward to diving under water and exploring the marine life. Scuba diving is the most famous activity carried out here where the divers get to explore the stunning coral reefs. A number of other underwater activities are also carried out here.

A step closer to the nature

Undoubtedly, Pahang brings you a step closer to the nature. There are a number of beautiful sightings within the state which are surely going to put you in love with the nature. You can also collect information about the history of mining which used to be carried out in the state. The beautiful Charah Caves is a solitary meditation retreat that serves as yet another tourist destination of the state. There are a numerous gorgeous beaches in the state and hence it serves as a paradise for all the beach lovers. The tourists can merely enjoy relaxing by the white sandy beaches and looking the sunset. The gateways like Nenasi, Lanjut, Cherating, Beserak, Balok, Chempedak and Teluk serve haven for all the beach lovers.

So much to explore!

The attractions of Pahang do not end here as there are a number of places to explore and enjoy. The activities like nature and adventure, bird watching, trekking, surfing, turtle watching, etc. bring you closer to the nature. At the same time the amazing shopping centers as well as dining culture of Pahang gives you a fine experience of the cosmopolitan life that the state lives.

Pahang is surely a tropical paradise which is perfect for all the ecotourism enthusiasts and adventure junkies who just cannot get enough of the idea of outdoors.