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Telok Kemang Beach Negeri Sembilan

Negeri Sembilan is a Malaysian state the meaning of which is ‘nine states’. This state comprises of nine separate district which are under the rule of nine different Malay chieftains. The capital city of the state is Seremban which is closely connected to Kuala Lumpur and is located at a distance of 50 kilometers from the latter.

The state boasts rich culture and traditions which are practiced as a result of the settlements of the Minangkabaus from West Sumatra who ended up settling down in the state in between 15th and 16th century. Their heritage, culture and traditions are still being practiced in the state.

During the time of its establishment, the state was a loose confederation of nine different fiefdoms resting in a secluded valley of the region. Later in the year 1773, these respective fiefdoms were unified under the order of Raja Melewar. The modern history of the state began with the intervention of the British in the districts of Jelelbu, Sungai and Ujong. The British intruded with the politics as well as administration going on in the states and made certain appointments with the kings ruling the state. Finally in the year 1889, a treaty was signed in between the four Datuk Udangs and Yam Tuan Seri Menanti which considered the latter as the ruler of the state. The ruler was believed to be aided by the authorities in the meeting.

Today, the state has turned out to be a well-recognized state within the country with a number of towns and cities developing at their own pace. The state also entertains a good tourism culture where a number of tourists keep visiting within the cities on an annual basis.

A growing economy

Negeri Sembilan is an agricultural state and the main products cultivated here include rubber and oil palm and fruit orchards. At the same time, activities such as vegetable farming and livestock are also carried out. There are various industrial estates within the state and the manufacturing industries have become a major economic contributor to the state. These activities mainly concentrate on the metal works, machinery, electric items, chemicals, and textile as well as rubber industry. The major industrial areas located within the state are Jaafar Industrial Park, Senawang, Tanah Merah, Nilai Sungai Gadut, etc.

Happy climatic conditions

The climatic conditions of the state are very favorable to the locals as well as tourists. The days are usually sunny and the nights are cooler. The climatic conditions also experience occasional showers, thereby making the weather of the state more pleasant.

Towns and districts

At present the state is divided into five main districts namel Seremban, Port Dickson, Tampin, Jelebu and Kuala Pilah. The capital city of the state has the royal town Sri Menanti. Other important towns of the state include Germas, Lukut, Kuala Klawang and Rantau.

A good tourist attraction

A number of factors make this state a decent tourist spot. There are many places to explore and many activities to experience within the state.