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Kuching City

Sarawak is considered to be the largest state among the 13 other states of Malaysia and is almost equal to the total size of West Malaysia. This state rests in the northwest Borneo Island and the same is bordered by the Malaysian state Sabah towards the northeast, Kalimantan towards the south as well as Brunei towards the north. The capital city of Sarawak is Kuching which also happens to be the largest city of the state, the seat of the state government as well as the economic center.

This state offers an alternative for all the individuals who look forward to seeking a humble authenticity and want to stay after from all kinds of tourist-trap clichés. To discover this state is next to taking the roads which are not often traveled. Sarawak is a state offering the best of a fascinating culture as there are a number of indigenous communities and the places that have been entitled as the UNESCO World Heritage. Sarawak is a very peaceful and stable place where you can travel either individually or with the groups. It is one of the prime destinations for the intrepid tourist in you.

The beautiful culture

This state is considered to be home to around 27 ethnic groups. There are 45 different dialects having their own unique beliefs, stories as well as cultures and traditions. There are people who involve themselves in different customs and are totally different to a group of people who practice their own customs and traditions. There are tribes which practice exotic art and music, some of which are recognized internationally as well. Traveling to Sarawak, you can gather a lot of information about the history as well as origin of this place. There are a number of ever-expanding world-class museums in the state that provide a great source of information about the culture that the state boasts.

A place to adventure

Sarawak serves a paradise for all the adventure lovers and adventure junkies as it has got a lot to offer. The lands, waters and skies of the state are perfectly suited to try a number of adventure, hence to have a good time. The activities such as mountain climbing, jungle trekking, adventure caving as well as rock climbing are considered to be popular activities among the tourists of all rounds. The tourists can also indulge themselves into a number of underwater adventures that include watersports, jet skiing, yachting, deep sea fishing and many others.

The discovery of nature

Apart from boasting a rich culture and a number of adventure activities, Sarawak boasts various nature callings as well. There are 56 totally protected areas, five wildlife sanctuaries, 37 gazetted national parks as well as 14 nature reserves located within the state. The rainforests of Sarawak are the total size of Austria and are also considered to be having the richest as well as most diverse ecosystems of the world. The state is home to the largest flower of the world, the Rafflesia. Likewise, the wildlife of the state is also worth exploring. Sarawak is truly the place to be for all the nature lovers.

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