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Kota Kinabalu Sabah

Sabah is considered to be the second largest state of Malaysia. This state is located in the northern most side of Malaysia and is a part of Borneo which is located near Philippines in the north, Sulawesi towards the east, both of which are further separated by the sea. There are around four million of inhabitants within this state. A number of people refer this state as the ‘land beneath the winds’ because of its location which is towards the south of a region of Philippines that is prone to typhoons. During the Second World War, the state suffered from a lot of Japanese occupation as they left some grave skin marks at the time of their stay.

Sabah is considered to be the melting point of 30 different races as well as 80 different languages. People of different groups and cultures live throughout the areas of this state. Apart from this, the state is considered to be a natural beauty where the major attractions include isolated tropical islands, unspoiled beaches, colorful and gorgeous marine life, fascinating culture of different groups and a spectacular countryside which is dominated by the beautiful Mt. Kinabalu as the highest peak in the South East Asia. The locals here are very genuine and hospitable. Considering all these points, Sabah is surely one of the popular tourist attractions of Malaysia.


Beautiful sight of coral reefs and desert islands

Although the state occupies a small chunk of the third largest island of the world, this chunk comprises of fascinating sights which are admired by the tourists at large. There are treasures of turquoise-fringed desert islands along with coral reefs to delight your eyes. Furthermore, the adventure junkies can have a great time here by involving themselves in the activities which include trekking the highest Mt. Kinabalu range and reaching into the clouds. There are beautiful and exotic jungles with a good home for wildlife including gibbons, clouded leopards, pythons as well as crocodiles.

Gaya Island Sabah

Fascinating forests and wildlife

Around 55 percent of the total area of the state is forest. At the same time, there are protected areas such as the Danum Valley Conservation area, Maliau Basin and many more. This make the state a naturalist’s paradise. The unique flora and fauna of the state attracts a number of nature lovers. Sabah also comprises of the largest orangutan sanctuary of the world. Thus, Sabah surely serves a treat for all the nature admirers. Furthermore, the adventure junkies can surely have a great time in involving themselves in a number of adventure activities especially designed for the tourists.

Kota Kinabalu town

Colorful culture

Apart from an exotic wildlife and scenic beauty, the state also boasts a beautiful culture. Over the years, Sabah has successfully retained its traditional charm as well as freshness. The mixed culture of different groups of people in the state is worth exploring. Their traditions and eating-habits are very popular among the tourists at large. The unique character that the state has preserved over the years is untainted and this is the reason Sabah is considered as the paradise of Borneo.