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Terengganu is one of the least developed states of Malaysia. This state overlook the South China Sea on the eastern side of the country. Also considered as a charming destination for holiday, this state has a stretch of some of the most beautiful beaches as well as some exquisite island to awe the tourists. Terengganu is famously known as the ‘Land of Turtles’. This is because a number of turtle species like leatherbacks and olive ridleys come and accommodate themselves on to the many beaches of this state.

Just like Kelantan, this state, too, has a strong population of Malay who together partake in the rich culture and traditions that the place has to offer. The natives here mostly live in a peaceful life of coastal towns and fishing villages.

In the ancient times, this state used to trade fiercely with the Khemer, Majapahit Empire as well as Chinese, before eventually turning into a vassal state of Malacca. This state is also considered to be the first ever state to receive Islam which happens to be a turning point in the history of Malaysia.

Over the time, Terengganu has turned itself into a vassal state of Malacca. The current royal family of this state was founded when Mansur Shah was crowned as Sultan in the late 1700s. Later in the year 1909, the control of the state was taken over by the British. The state received its final independence in the year 1957 respectively.

Today a number of people prefer visiting this amazing state only to detoxify themselves from the busy lifestyle of the city and participate in various relaxation and recreational activities by the many beaches. This place is where peace and serenity embrace you and you feel relieved and rejuvenated.

A cue about economy

Fishing is considered to be the main economic activity of the state. At the same time, the activities such as oil and gas off-shore have also turned out to be famous occupations carried out here. The natural wonders and beauties of this state has boosted the tourism industry of Terengganu.

Favorable climatic conditions

Whenever it comes to climatic conditions, Terengganu is considered as a favorable state. The state comprises of a strong tropical monsoon climate and there is a relatively uniform temperature. The weather is usually dry in between the months of January and April, with some of the humidity prevailing during these months. The state encounters a heavy rainfall during the months of November, December and January respectively.

A beautiful getaway

The natural picture of this state is enough to lure the tourists towards the beautiful state. There are pristine waters, clean and white sandy beaches and some of the most beautiful islands where you can spend a tranquil time, away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. Apart from this, the state also preserves various historic sites and museums that are worth exploring. This state serves as a haven for all the beach lovers as there are a number of beaches to explore where you can participate in a number of beach activities as well.

Perhentian Island Terengganu